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Get up to a $20,000 Signing Bonus. Then, Earn $500 Per Activation and 14x Multiplier Bonuses.

Become a Sales Partner with NAB today and take your merchant business to the next level.

If you are a sales-oriented individual with vast experience in the world of credit card processing or you are a driven and motivated professional looking for a new challenge, the North American Bancard Partner Program might be a great fit for you. With one of the most competitive commission structures in the industry, our Partner Program will see to it that you are rewarded for your efforts.

As one of the top merchant services partner programs, our Partner Program has a history of competitive commissions, favorable pay structure, superior products, and sales support for our partners. With so much commission at stake, you will truly feel like a partner in the NAB business plan.

Why join the NAB Merchant Services Partner Program?

For anyone with a sales background or a passion for credit card processing, NAB is the ideal partner. There are dozens of reasons to partner with our program, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the top reasons that we were given when we asked our partner program participants why they chose us and why they continue to work with this highly lucrative program.



Free, high-quality equipment

Selling businesses on a new processing plan is much easier when you are able to effortlessly jump over the hurdle of the cost of the equipment. With this program, you can offer your clients free POS terminal equipment that they will need for their processing provider change. This lowers the barrier to switching and creates a higher conversion rate for you.


About Us

Lifetime residual income

You will recieve 50-70% of residual income based on the pay structure you select. You will share income on every available revenue stream. With NAB, You Get a True Interchange Revenue Split. Unlike other merchant partner programs, there is no basis points off the top for BIN sponsorship or for what they call hidden losses. Our sales partners earn more residual income with our 50/50 partner program than you would with our competition who claim to offer a higher percentage because thier interchange cost (buy rate) is higher.


Highly competitive signing bonus

We offer a performance-based fast start bonus that is payable for anyone that onboards more than the standard threshold of clients in the first 4 months. This program is designed to reward those experienced sales members that join our team and quickly learn how to sell this product. The bonus can reach up to $20,000, making it one of the most lucrative and competitive in the industry.



Profitability-based bonuses 12X (14x with EPX)

We will then look at how much profit is generated on the account after they have been processing for one month and you earn 12 times of the total profit. Example: If we retain $100 in residuals in that month, the bonus would be 12 x $100 or $1,200. You would have already been paid $400, so we would pay you an additional $800 on that account. This bonus is capped at a max of $5,000 per merchant per location. With our Cash Discount Program it is easier than ever to earn huge bonuses with a 12x profitability bonus. Cash Discounting enables you to maximize your bonus at $5,000 on almost every merchant processing over $45k+.


About Us

Cash discounting program appeal

When you are selling merchant processing services, one of the best assets of any partner program is more rewards and incentive programs that save your client money. The cash discount program is one of the hottest new commodities in credit card processing, as it is designed to save the client thousands of dollars in credit card processing fees, instead passing on the fee to the consumer in a way that isn’t damaging to their own conversion rate and revenue. We offer this program to our clients and make it easy to understand and present for our sales partners.


Portfolio management system

With our Sales Partner Portal (Dashboard) you can track your residuals all the way down to the transaction. You will have access to what your merchant paid for a specific transaction, how much the expense was and how much you were compensated. You're able to look at the merchant’s statement for comparison. With 100% transparency, you are now able to check whenever your want so you can be confident in building a profitable portfolio.


Mutipule processing platforms

Even though we still use Global Payment and First Data as our processing platform, we have partnered with  the EPX platorm. EPX can optimize interchange, which means we can process the same transactions for less. This allows you to save merchants a ton of money and make more money yourself.


Free lead generation website

We believe in providing our partners with all of the resources that they need to make it easy to show merchants the benefits of payment processing through our system. This lead generation website will showcase our products and generate leads for you even while you sleep. Having a lead generation website is an asset that takes some people months to develop and often costs many thousands of dollars. When you work with us, you get this for free. We believe in providing our partners with all of the resources that they need to make it easy to show merchants the benefits of payment processing through our system.


Comprehensive medical benefits options

With some sales jobs, you don’t even have the option for medical coverage. With the NAB Partner Program, you’ll have the resources that you need to provide healthcare coverage to you and your family at an affordable rate. We take care of our own, and when you are in our program you will have access to these benefits.

Total Sales Support

From customized marketing materials to onboarding merchants and more, get the award-winning service and support you and your merchants deserve.

Take Charge of Your Career:

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