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Shaw Merchant Group

Take your income to a new level by becoming an ISO, sales partner or reseller with Total Merchant Services! We provide more free equipment choices and easy access to two payment processing platforms, enabling you to serve more merchants and grow your portfolio. Click here to get started!

You will receive 100% of commissions, huge upfront bonuses and 50-65% of residuals. You will share income on every available revenue stream. In addition to that, you can give away free equipment to your merchants and buy them out of existing contracts at no cost to you! Click here to get started!

As a partner of Harbortouch, you will also benefit from one of the most lucrative compensation plans available. Our flexible revenue sharing program offers up to 75% splits and generous bonus programs provide an additional opportunity to increase your monthly income. Click here to get started!

    Shaw Merchant Group is an affiliate of Total Merchant Services, Total Merchant Services is a registered ISO of Wells
    Fargo Bank N.A., Walnut Creek CA, of BMO Harris N.A., Chicage, IL and The
    Bancorp, Philadelphia, PA.